Unite Good Cookie Race 2015

We are all inundated with these really great causes that ask us for our support, so why, you ask, should you support
Cookies for Kids' Cancer?  
It's this simple:
  • Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease of children in the U.S.
  • Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute's budget goes to all childhood cancers combined.
  • Two-thirds of pediatric cancer patients will develop long-term side effects, many life-threatening -- a result of the treatments that "cured" them.
  • Only four of the 12 most common types of childhood cancers have average survival rates over 80%.
  • 13,500 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer each year.
  • There is ONE THING that can truly change the facts of childhood cancers forever -- FUNDING for research to find new, improved therapies.

Teams and Walkers

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Recent Donations

  • Morris Hills High School $50.00
  • Lisa Obser $50.00
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Carmenza Perez $10.00
  • Emily Taratola $25.00
  • Darlene Newberry $25.00
  • Elizabeth Piccinini $20.00